Work & Clients

Four Elevator Speeches

How We Work

We do lots of research. 

We team up.

We sweat the details.

We go to ORs at 6 a.m. and observatories

   at 9 p.m. 

We create rooms of sound-bites (when needed)

We get inspiration from smart clients.

We're on video chats several times a day with        

   clients and each other. 

We use, leverage, maximize our network.   

We partner well. 

We "design in device."

Recent inspiration: PJ Harvey, Shakespeare, House    of Cards, The 'Everybody Fights' Club. 

We take risks.

We show options. 

We get results. 

Who We Are

We’re a group of driven individuals who join your team at critical junctures to help move minds, markets, ideas and trajectories. We focus on healthcare, higher ed and high tech.  


What We Do

We partner with you and your team. We strategize, consult and act on video strategy, digital strategy and branding strategy. We work with you to create high impact, high engagement videos, sites, apps - and integrated campaigns.  

What They Say


"We've gotten so many compliments on the launch video. It's also producing some of the highest engagement metrics I've ever seen on a B2B video." 

Rob Bois, Fuze

"They listen well, and then nail it.  High quality work. High quality partnering." 

Eva Gaffney, Bridgewater State University

"Everyone worked so well together. I didn't know who worked for who."  

Patient's Wife, with 7 people filming in her home

"Everyone was impressed with your team's creativity, passion and attention to detail." 

Valerie Wencis, Fletcher School at Tufts


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