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Tufts' Fletcher School: Know the World, Change the World - 9 videos

We’re very excited about a new series of videos we are producing with The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. We’ve worked with outstanding students, alumni, faculty and leadership at the school, and have seen, first hand, the academic rigor, the sense of community, and impact of this institution. We’ve been inspired by all the people we’ve met. The legacy is impressive: in the Edward R. Murrow room at the school, we saw the original transcripts of Murrow’s interview with the then Congressman John F. Kennedy, and letters from Joe McCarthy to Murrow and the sponsors of his show. We’ve filmed classroom situations, guest speakers, and alumni in their places of work. One sidelight: we got to record a practice session and a performance of “Los Fletcheros”, a long-standing Fletcher student band that has gigs in Cambridge and Somerville.

The videos include an overview program "A 360 View of a Fletcher Education", a series of vignettes from the Dean at Fletcher, an alumni vignette series, and - soon to be released, social media video spots.

And Elephants! Never imagined we would have elephants in video. Courtesy of the African Wildlife Foundation, whose president, Kaddu Sebunya went to Fletcher.

Alumni Vignettes

Here is Kaddu's inspirational vignette. So many Fletcher grads work in NGOs, as well as the foreign service of so many nations.

The other alumni vignette, from Lulu Meservey, was equally inspiring. Fletcher grads work in business, in start-ups, in multinationals.

The programs were conceived and developed at the same time, maximizing the effort of 3 intense filming days in Medford, Massachusetts and Washington, DC.

Community and Legacy

We really wanted to capture the community at the school, that extends to the "Fletcher Family" that comes after Fletcher, a robust professional and personal network. To further maximize the creative effort, photography was taken during the video filming, and leveraged in print and on the website.

The legacy of this great institution needed to be visualized.

Dean Vignettes

Dean Stavridis summarized 20th century history in 47 seconds in this astute "Bridges, Not Walls" vignette.

And why study in our great city?

Another point for a prospective student: the real need in this turbulent world for more international understanding.

We worked with a visionary communications and marketing team at Fletcher on these programs, and with our video "brain trust", Tim Llewellyn, Jamie Llewellyn, Caroline Bigelow, and Dave Sondrini at Copper Hound Pictures.

After spending time in the classrooms with exceptionally bright and engaged students, and professors, and hearing the Dean, and hearing the stories of the alumni, we all wanted to go to Fletcher!

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