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New Broadcast Series: Bridgewater State University

Three of these broadcast spots started on New England television stations in the fall of 2016, and the fourth is scheduled for Winter, 2017. The spots capture, quickly, the essence of this institution. Three of the spots feature a student. One, an overview, captures the vitality and culture of Bridgewater in quick-paced sequence of student life, academics, and creative drone footage of the 290-acre campus.

Graduate Studies at Bridgewater

The Graduate Studies spot conveyed the mission of the school in its commitment to social justice. We also wanted to show the close student/faculty relationships, the academic strength, and the flexibility of Graduate Studies, and told that story through one individual's experience. From a creative standpoint, the "windshield tour" of Brockton told a lot quickly.

Undergraduate Studies - "Opportunity"

In an overview Undergraduate Studies spot we wanted to provide a quick overview of Bridgewater, and keep surprising the viewer with images and ideas he or she may not immediately know about the institution. The sound track was the sound of an African Drum group at Bridgewater. We also worked with the team at Bridgewater on creative drone footage. Two creative things to point out - the repetitive "360" filming of students at Bridgwater, and the smooth far-to-close filming at the beginning of the program. The real magic was in the editing. The type of footage filmed and edited, and the theme of "Opportunity" leveraged the new admissions program for Bridgewater.

Undergraduate Studies - "Come Visit"

"Walking tours" of campuses were an inspiration for telling this story of an inspirational tour guide at Bridgewater, a transfer student. We wanted to celebrate the campus and its students, and provide a quick view of the variety of opportunities offered to students. We weren't able to follow this student to Belize - but integrated her photography. Sweeping drone footage starts the spot.

Undergraduate Studies - "Academic Excellence

Len's story in this spot conveyed the breadth of offerings at Bridgewater State University, and its academic strength. Len came in as an aviation student, wanting to be a commercial pilot, but ended up a Chemistry major, who is going on to pursue a PhD at Brown University.

For social media and mobile placement, 15 second versions of the spots were created.

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