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Patient Power: Series of Videos for the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center at Mass General

We are pretty exited about two series of videos recently produced for Mass General Hospital with their marketing team. The series were for the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center and the Fireman Vascular Center. The patient stories are powerful, and told from the patient’s perspective, and from the doctors and nurses that provided their care. The content is strong; visuals strong. The patients did not hold back on their conditions, outcomes, and view of Mass General. No surprise it is the number one hospital in the country.

The stories took us into brain surgery and heart surgery and into people’s homes. The stories also took us to yoga studios, patient homes and art galleries. What was remarkable was the consistent thread to the patient stories: Mass General is the place you want to be for serious and sometimes life-threatening conditions.

You can see the videos on the Mass General website and YouTube channel. (These videos link to YouTube). Thanks to my creative partners on this project - Tim Llewellyn, Jamie Llewellyn and Caroline Bigelow.

Jack's Story: Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Dolly's Story: Getting Back on Her Feet

Bob's Story: Resynching a Heart -- and a Life

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