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Cascade Creative

One thing we particularly like: our clients maximizing their efforts and our efforts in high quality video production. It just takes a lot of time to conceive of a program, get management commitment, and refine, refine, refine, even before the van pulls up with the 4K cameras and jibs and tracks and high end audio equipment and lighting and four hustling crew members. Why not try to get two or three programs out of one contiguous filming session? Or more? Why not get photos at the same time? And of course - shoot as much relevant b-roll as time permits. If we are interviewing busy Doctors or Deans or CEOs, and we manage to get them in front of a camera on a particular day, can we get an 15 extra minutes to get the nuggets needed for that second or third program?

Case study: videos for The Fletcher School at Tufts. From three days of filming in Medford, MA, and Washington, DC there were 9 (and counting) video programs produced, along with photos for web and print use. We did borrow some footage- a Range Rover and filming in Africa was not in the budget, but we received 6 gigs of animal footage from the African Wildlife Foundation, whose president was interviewed. We also had access to archived photos from earlier days at The Fletcher School at Tufts. But the new footage filming sessions - so much maximizing of the creative assets.

There are obvious time and cost benefits from this approach, and some hidden benefits, such as a reduction in the time for approval cycles. There is also a cohesiveness to the brand image with the lighting and composition all similar in the set of videos.

You can check out the creative cascade of videos here. The anchor program was "A 360 View of a Fletcher Education" below.

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