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Smarts, Partners, Grit

One recent joy: working with the team at Bridgewater State University and two creative partner agencies, kor group and Libretto, on the most comprehensive, well thought-out and integrated admissions campaigns (or marketing campaign) we've ever worked on. The campaign included recruitment messaging, a "look-book", an academic offerings brochure, guidance counselor materials, branded fall preview events, yield communications, digital billboards, an admissions microsite, a microsite video, a welcome center video, and TV commercials. To shift perceptions of school, the team developed an overarching theme centered on "Opportunities."

Our role: photos and website videos and broadcast/social media commercials. With Bridgewater and kor and Libretto, we were part of the research effort, and message creation and alignment effort, which really inspired and drove the creative work.

Here's a quick video that put all of the website and broadcast video work in 90 seconds:

The "look-book", designed by Kor and written by Libretto, was intriguing. Instead of a traditional view book, it was a vibrant, visual 120-page book that served as a bold introduction to the school and an ideal conversation-starter at college fairs and high school visits. Three cover variations with different euro stickers invite students to self-identify. Market research inspired the magazine-like format using a combination of striking photos, student profiles, narrative copy, and facts and figures to highlight the myriad opportunities at Bridgewater.

Culture Capture

Underneath the overarching theme of "Opportunities" there were specific institutional attributes - one of which was "grit." Almost half of the BSU students are first in their family to college. Most of the students work, a lot, in addition to their academic work. Students don't dress the same, don't look the same. They intensely pursue the academic and extracurricular opportunities the school offers. Tim Llewellyn, our photographer/ videographer, along with Richard Hawke, captured dozens and dozens of striking photos.

Broadcast/Social Media

Video spots for broadcast and targeted social media placement were created that celebrated student stories and showed, in 30-second and 15-second bites, the academic rigor, diversity and opportunities at Bridgewater. You can see all the spots here.

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