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Two, Thirty, Fifteen

We recently completed a program for Graduate Studies at Bridgewater State University that was just put up on their website. Initially we were simply looking for the most compelling story we could find for a 30-second broadcast spot that fit with Bridgewater's messaging and goals. The personal story was so compelling it merited a longer program, which we were able to create from the interview footage and b-roll footage. Also, as part of the effort, a 15-second version was created for social media and mobile use.

It's really an inspirational story that says so much about the school. Telling it three different ways was a great way to leverage all the logistical and creative work, including a "windshield tour" of Brockton, Massachusetts, filming the famous Rocky Marciano statue, and capturing the graduate student at work and at school.

The longer program conveyed the broader graduate school messages, with Miguel's story making those messages come to life.

Here are the 30-second and 15-second versions. Short stories are tough! But so much can be conveyed with the right words and b-roll.

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