Boosting Creative MPG

One of our clients, Bridgewater State University, recently launched a very targeted admissions campaign, aimed at prospective students who need an academic boost before entering college. The targeted campaign encourages enrollment at two regional community colleges, with a guaranteed admissions to BSU after completing a two year program at the community college. It’s a smart, thorough program, with people at the three institutions ready to carry the message face-to-face, and help students succeed.

Our creative partners, at the Kor Group, and at BSU, created a dynamic microsite and print package. Our role: video and photography.

As part of the campaign, Bridgewater wanted a video case study, and a series of targeted social media ads.We actually had interviewed a Master’s candidate last spring as part of a broadcast series, and, left, on the cutting room floor, his experience in going from a community college to BSU, and then on to a Master's program at BSU. We picked that up and created a program for their new microsite. Very efficient, cost effective, and, well, thanks to the student, powerful! Take a look:

The targeted social media ads focused on academics, life at BSU, and a case study (a 15 second version of the story above). We again leveraged library footage, and leveraged our collaborative work on messaging, themes and approach. The music was BSU music from their African drum group, and we used that music to tie the three social media spots together.Here they are:

There is so much effort that goes into admissions campaigns and video projects. There is all the scheduling, b-roll, equipment set-up, all the meetings, revisions, and breakthroughs (like institutional drumming!). We like it when clients get more leverage out of that creative effort. More milage per tank. And for a great cause: helping open new opportunities for prospective students.