Diplomacy in a Black Box Theater

We are very excited about a series of videos we created this year with the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. The three-part series focused on experts and faculty at Fletcher and their take on problems we face today. The first three: Russia, North Korea and Cybersecurity. The programs were filmed on the Tufts campus at a theater lit like a “black box” theater.

They are, essentially, “talking head” videos, but the production value, with several cameras, creative lighting, and a choice of presenting in black and white, complemented the high content value, and the on-camera talent.The three conversation-length programs were supplemented with “teaser”clips. Take a look at the teasers:

The complete conversations are hosted on a dedicated Fletcher 'In Focus" landing page:

Color or Black x White?

We did some set and lighting tests to see how each option worked. Both looked good, but the bxw version seemed to set the series apart. Which would you choose?