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Breaking the Separation Sound Barrier

We’re very excited about a new animated video created with the engineers and marketers at FloDesign Sonics, a video that is part of a robust product launch, a video that explains, quickly, an innovative technical approach to separations, and a video that is a marketing model for the why, when and how of effective animation.

Some context: I spent most of my career working in separations science from the lab bench to the biomanufacturing floor. I never knew that physical separation was possible with acoustic waves. It is! And it has some inherent technical advantages that make it particularly useful for industrializing cell and gene therapies.

Take a look at the animation. You fly into typical biotech cell manufacturing suite, then into this new innovative instrument, and then into the heart of the instrument, and back out again. The focus was on cell concentration in this video (although other applications are possible and are coming). In the heart of the instrument (and the video), you can see how the cells are affected by acoustic waves. They are gently and efficiently concentrated.

The animation was created for the product launch at two recent biopharmaceutical manufacturing conferences, and for the new launch website, and launch campaign. From a timing perspective, it was an eight-week intense effort to get from a rough storyboard to an effective and impactful animation. We had to get the science and engineering right. There was a creative and constructive back and forth. The intent was to “show”, not “tell”, and explain a new technology in images and motion. The video was effectively leveraged at the conferences - and the video and parts of the video were effectively leveraged on FloDesign Sonics new website.

A successful project, on multiple levels. Helping to quickly explain new technology is a joy. Working with an innovative animator (Larry Giunta) makes such a difference. On the client side: innovative marketing, an aggressive deadline, and an open door to the busy engineering team, cell gurus and technology leaders made it all possible.

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