Animate! A New Approach to Process Chromatography

There were two recent bioprocess manufacturing events in Boston, and one of our clients, JSR Life Sciences, displayed their new Chromassette® Modular Technology Platform, a real breakthrough in process chromatography.

To put it in context, process chromatography is used in manufacturing biotech drugs. Typically it’s used at three or more steps in a purification “train”. Traditional process chromatography has resins packed in a column. That approach has limitations in terms of different column sizes, and, as a column is scaled up, there is a loss of wall support for the resins, which leads to inefficiencies.

Chromassette® has a unique internal scaffold that holds the resins and is highly supportive of those resins. It is a disposable cassette format, that is easy-to-stack, and is pre-packed. It holds any type of resin. The real benefit: operational efficiency and productivity.

To quickly explain the technology, we worked with JSR Life Sciences on two video animations.Take a look:

Different iterations and outtakes from the video animations are being used at trade shows, and in various technical presentations. And another unique “wake-up” - chromatography to a salsa beat of music!

For more information, take a look at the JSR website.