30 Seconds and 11,000 Doors

We’ve created dozens of 30 second spots for broadcast and social media. One of our favorites: this 30 second “opportunities” spot for Bridgewater State University, that was broadcast in the spring and fall of 2018. We like the movement, we like the inside/outside juxtaposition, we like the energetic music. And the doors that keep opening. And the surprising statistics at the end of the spot. The voiceover words, like the statistics, are anti-cliche, and surprising.

There’s a lot packed in the 30 seconds. A spot can be as time consuming as a 3 minute story. But it comes off as natural, and fluid.

Behind the scenes we had done the research, and done the visual storyboard, and captured all the essential messaging and imperatives from the Bridgewater team. But the door metaphor for opportunity developed in a collaborative creative meeting with the Bridgwater team, and, well, worked!

Take a look. An atypical, differentiated 30 second University spot: