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Telling the Story: Clay Center for Healthy Young Minds

We’re pretty excited about one of our latest videos created for the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Mass General Hospital. One reason for that excitement: the mission of the Center, which focuses on the mental health of young people, and aims to strengthen families through education. The content of that education covers the litany of serious mental health issues that families might face, depression, suicide, phobias - as well as the litany of serious societal issues that affect young minds, such as shootings at concerts, video game usage, online bullying.

The content is generated by creative, active clinicians who see patients every day, see the problems they face and their families face. Their impetus to generate this content is to fill a real information gap, and fill a real need for families who may not have easy access to mental health care. There is such a shortage of child and adolescent clinicians, and typically long wait times. Education can help fill that gap.

The Clay Center delivers their content in multiple formats - which were reflected in the video overview. These formats include podcasts, live events, broadcast interviews, films, blog posts on third party sites, blog posts on their own site, articles. Three senior clinicians told the story, along with a family that benefited from the Clay Center information. For the live event story we were able to film two of the leaders interacting with an audience at the recent HUB week in Boston.

The overview video is intended for use on the Clay Center website, and at different Clay Center events. Two 0:30 versions of the video were also created, for use on social media.

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