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What Happens After: Alumni and College Outcomes

One thing we admire about the students at Bridgewater State University: their work ethic. Most work while going to school and juggle one or two jobs and their academic and social lives. That work ethic comes across in a recent series of alumni stories, outcome stories, stories of what comes after all of this hard work at college.

There is a real focus on outcomes at Bridgewater State University. It has the work vibe of Northeastern University, a drive towards internships, and undergrad research, and on-campus jobs that set students up for after college.

One alumni, while at Bridgewater, was alerted to an internship at one of the top four financial firms in the country and later landed a position at the institution, Ernst and Young. He also got both an undergraduate and graduate finance degree at BSU. It is one of the strongest finance programs in the state.

Another, a non-traditional student, started college at 22 with three children, a 40- hour a week job, and an ambitious pursuit of a biology and teaching degree. She teaches at the largest high school in the Commonwealth, Brockton High. We walked into one of her classrooms and the admiration and joy of her students was palpable.

A third alumni had the opportunity, as an undergrad, to do chemistry research, and has a position at one of the leading tech firms in the state, Waters Chromatography. A fourth directs the diversity program at the Harvard Kennedy School, and, again, was a non-non-traditional student.

With all these alumni, their joy and engagement with what they do was evident. Joy of work. Good work. Great career trajectories. Their ability to navigate their organizations and get things done was also evident.

Take a look at the series. We created 2 minute stories and then 0:30 social media and broadcast versions of these stories. The creative work was also leveraged in strategically placed billboards.

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