2019 State of Video in Business Report by Vidyard

For one of our clients we produced a video that was interesting creatively, with multiple storytelling layers, strong visuals, and a unifying message. The client later told us that the video had the highest impact of any b2b video they’ve seen, which was wonderful to hear, but we didn’t know how he had known. Analytics. He turned us on to Vidyard, a video hosting platform that does a lot more than hosting, and that publishes and communicates studies and posts that help us, or anyone who does video, get better.

Their 2019 State of Video in Business Report is worth that long cup of coffee to read and think about. Online: https://www.vidyard.com/state-of-video-report/video-in-business/

What does it mean for our clients and us?

For our clients: go video, go video up and down the customer cycle from awareness and discovery, to buying and using, to engaging and advocating. People look at video content longer than static content; its often simpler and faster to “show” rather than “tell”; 75% of internet traffic is now streaming video; new tools are making it easier to create and re-create routine videos. One interesting point, companies in 2018 produced 83% more videos per month than they did the year previously.

For us: focus on the top of the funnel, on engaging and advocating. Focus on strong, high-impact video and video series that justify the time to develop the story and the talent and equipment for visual acuity. Or that leverages strong science and animation talent. Push the envelope with human, emotive filming. Make that creative leap with black box theaters, “windshield tours” and circular track filming. With the blizzard of videos, quality matters - and differentiates - at the top of the funnel.