Six Ton MRI Machines and Sixteen Ounce Babies

My creative partners at Copper Hound Pictures had a weekend adventure without me - filming delivery of a 6 Ton infant MRI machine to Brigham and Women’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They strategically set up 4 cameras and directed a drone to see the machine delivered through the roof of the hospital. It’s the only MRI machine of its kind in the country. Brilliant engineering by the MRI company and brilliant foresight by the life-saving team at the Brigham and Women’s NICU. And brilliant filming.

The pulled me in for research, writing, and pre-interviewing for the following series of videos for the NICU unit, which included an overview program, and deep dives into multiple births, extreme low birth weight babies and neurocritical care.I got to talk to parents, physicians, nurses, therapists - really passionate experts in saving and nurturing the most vulnerable. I got to see the new facilities, see the care in action, and learn so much about the latest and best technology and clinical practice.

The videos speak for themselves!

The team promised that I could come for the next 6 Ton delivery through a roof, or a filming of similar complexity.