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Forty Years in Four Weeks

On June 15th there was an event at the MFA in Boston, celebrating the 40 year collaboration of two brilliant scientist/physicians, who now co-direct the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Boston. The two physicians, Dr. Howard Weiner and Dr. Dennis Selkoe, have served so many patients, informed so many advances, and trained and motivated so many young scientists in pursuing a cure for the most devastating neurological disease, including MS, Alzheimers, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease and brian tumors.

Ann Romney, with a family obligation, could not make the event, but wanted to send a message, and we were pulled into the planning to create a high-impact event video, including congratulatory statements from Ann Romney. Ann Romney may have been the best interviewee we’ve worked with and we were able to film her when she was in Boston.

The team working on the event wanted more: thank-you’s from leading scientists from around the world, around the city, and around the Center itself. We didn’t have the six months to travel around and get everyone in the same consistent high quality audio and video; we just had four weeks. We set some guidelines, and asked for smart phone video interviews, short and long versions, and waited. We didn’t know what we would get and what would be usable. But - we got some really bright, creative thank-you's that were woven into the program, and were moving. We also were able to get some historical b-roll footage and historical photos to add another dimension.

The end-result: a strong event video, that moved the audience, and was a real tribute to these brilliant men.

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