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Air Cover: Higher Ed Broadcast Spots

If you were watching Saturday Night Live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island last week on October 26, you might have caught a broadcast ad we developed with Bridgewater State University, one that told the story of an alumni, a scientist at Waters Corporation in Milford, Massachusetts. This was one of a series of three ads that cycled on targeted regional stations and programs during a two week period.

Another alum, an entrepreneur who started her own quite successful fitness studio was featured in a second ad.

The third spot told a broader story about all the opportunities at Bridgewater, from a flight school to science research to teaching practicums to inspirational professors. That story was told on three levels: dynamic visuals, an interesting voiceover, and some key statistics. Packs a lot in thirty seconds!

The creative challenge with higher education ads is to differentiate: capture the unique culture and unique offerings. You want the prospective student to see themselves at the school, and you want them and their families to see and feel the benefits of picking this particular college or University. These ads did all of that. Take a look.

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