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See What You Can't See

I think what most excited me about studying chemistry was the visualization of abstract concepts. In my early student days these were all static illustrations and diagrams. Later, seeing these notions come alive and combining and moving in time took that excitement to a new level. “Hey, this is how it works? You can do this?” Effective animation of atoms, molecules, cells, organs, devices, instruments, systems does make things easier and quicker to understand. To make it effective: strong storytelling, strong computer animation. Music’s an accelerator, and the right (and minimal) words or voice.

A New Technology Platform for Bioprocessing

I get to work with this very talented computer animator, Larry Giunta, and with a technical team on the client side, on innovative animation stories. This particular project had a clear objective: make it easier for really bright and busy process engineers to understand a totally new approach to process chromatography. One of the client scientists suggested a different approach to music, which we incorporated, and it worked. Creative collaboration.

A New Way to Separate Cells

One joy of these very technical deep dives is to learn new things. I knew separation science, and t-cell biology, but I didn’t know about separating cells by acoustic waves. Gentler, smarter, more efficient — and again a boost to biotech manufacturing. We had the idea of flying into a lab, and into this new instrument, and into the device heart of the instrument, and then finally show how these acoustic waves separated cells.

Stepping Up the Creative Palette: integrating Animation and Video

We built a lab in one animation program, targeted at biotech engineers, and have animated cells and chromatography resins and acoustic waves. Here's a non-scientist animation: In this program for FUZE we animated the architecture of a building as a work product for this fictional company, and this particular actor.

Healthcare and Biotech Animation Reel

If you have a new device, instrument, biotech drug, or research breakthrough, a computer animation program may be part of your marketing mix. And it may add a dimension to a real world video program.

If so, or if not, take a look at the attached reel of animations, from Larry Giunta, for ideas on what you might do.

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