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Full Court Press: Health Sciences, Athletic Training and Physical Education at BSU

This past fall a comprehensive, targeted campaign launched at Bridgewater State University. The theme, “Health in Action, Bodies in Motion” was created with the BSU marketing and creative team, which included outside partners the Kor group and Libretto, and us. We were involved in the creative work for the video series, and for the high impact photography.

The creative work on the videos opened the door to Gillette Stadium and the Patriots for us; taught us about the use and value of virtual reality in eduction; connected us with inspirational student entrepreneurs; and let us learn about motion studies in dance. Professors, students, alumni — it was a full-court press. We created an overview video of the entire program, then took deep dives into undergrad research, virtual reality and service learning — things that set the program at BSU apart. We also did two alumni stories. For the deep dives and alumni stories, 60 second and 30 second versions were created.

The Patriots - and one alum story. A Masters graduate. I’d never known the difficulty and rigor of an Athletic Training degree and licensure. An amazing graduate.

And another amazing graduate. An entrepreneur who opened her own fitness center right after graduation, which wa recently expanded, at the same time as she was pursuing a masters degree and running marathons to support veterans.

Deep dives — undergraduate research at BSU is an institutional strength. In the Exercise Science area, the strength is obvious in this motion studies research.

Another deep dive — virtual reality. We filmed a classroom, and saw, first hand, how it worked and could help accelerate and deepen the learning experience. BSU is a leader in leveraging this technology.

And a third — service learning. One institutional attribute is a commitment to social justice a BSU. Service learning projects are woven into the academic work at BSU.

Here is the overview video. It tells the story through the students and professors.

Photography played a major role in creating a dynamic, inviting and informative print piece that was part of the campaign.

Two final points:

•Creative throughput. Leveraging the storyboarding and filming in different versions maximizes the effort. There’s brand resonance as a prospective student sees a digital ad, sees longer versions on YouTube and on the BSU website. It also helps to see versions of the same scene in print and in video.

•Gratitude. We got the opportunity to tell the story about an innovative program at BSU, one that offers students an array of career opportunities. It was a joy to work with the professors and students and alum in telling the story.

And the Patriots! Cool for us New Englanders.

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