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Healthcare Hits: Hearts, Minds, Livers

Looking back I was surprised to see we’ve done twenty-seven video programs in Healthcare over the past few years, A joy to work on. Across the board: physicians who cared, who were at the top of their game, who worked too much. Patients who were resilient, grateful, inspirational. A friend, a movie creator, who views programs with a critical creative eye, gave a ringing endorsement: he remembered the stories we created, the student from BC with a heart condition, the retiree with a vascular disease who wanted to dance at his daughter’s wedding.

What sticks out in my mind was this patient with a liver transplant running behind our pick-up truck; a room-sized rotating x-ray machine that enabled brain surgery impossible ten years ago; my filming genius colleagues who filmed a six ton infant MRI machine dropping through a roof from five different angles. I’d never known about the Ann Romney Center for Neurological Disease, and what incredible work they are doing. I was reminded about the dedication and teamwork and brilliance, and odd humor, of researchers around the world. And, in so many of these programs, the practicality and get-it-done mode of nurses.

All the programs were a joy. Here’s to the next twenty-seven!

Hearts: Here’s that heart program with the inspirational BC student:

Livers: Here’s that transplant patient. You can’t see the truck, but you can see this patient running.

Minds: What great work by this team of psychiatrists and psychologists at the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds.

More Hearts: I never thought I’d own a biography of Paul Dudley White, a Boston native who drove change, and added years to so many lives. An event video.

To all your health in 2020!

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