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Quarantine Reminder Video: What Does a Crises Teach Us?

Higher ed is facing incredible challenges, with the pandemic-induced semester shutdowns, the rapid expansion of online learning, and uncertainty with the 2020-2021 academic year. Getting a reassuring message out to prospective students and current students is an ongoing need. The message from Bridgewater State University: We're here for you. Online now. In person in the future.

We worked with the team at BSU to develop this video, leveraging video footage taken over the years. In thinking about the crises, higher education seems more important than ever, in multiple dimensions. We need these students! A sixty-second version of the program was created for the BSU admissions site, and a 30-second version was created for social media.

It was a joy to work on. The University serves a real need in the Commonwealth. The students and faculty: engaged, hard-working, inspirational. Take a look.

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