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Quarantine Video - Kit for Smart Smartphone Self-Service Filming

During this pandemic we've done very little filming ourselves. Some outdoor work. Mostly, for us, it's been editing fourteen programs filmed in the first quarter, creatively leveraging video libraries for new work, and working on science and medical animations. For several clients we created a "self-service" film kit with lights and tripods and mics that meant they could do testimonial videos themselves. The right lighting and the right audio input can make such a quality difference. We work on the plan, script, graphics - and editing. The marketing muscle keeps moving, and time-bound events get unbound, and you still get decent video. Take a look at this two minute video - you can see the difference the right tools can make.

Things are opening up, and we have some onsite filming lined up already, but a few points:

•Sterile Experience. We've filmed in surgical suites during transplants, heart surgery and brain surgery. We've filmed in NICU units. We know how to clean, stay away, and not touch.

•Audio optimization. When we're filming in person, we'll be using more boom mics, and not getting close to interviewees with lav mics.

•Travel/time/uneven openings. The "self-service" kit we put together will help address this challenge, and enable testimonials from remote customers, or team members.

Post-quarantine: more outreach, more marketing, more video. More filming. But we see this kit will continue to be useful.

Thanks for taking a look!

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