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Why Graduate Studies at BSU? Video Series Launched

We were excited to work on a new campaign for Bridgewater State University, to get the message out about their graduate programs which serve a real need in Southeastern Massachusetts - and internationally - and help so many people advance or change their careers. Our assignment: the photography and video stories. The campus really does come alive at night for graduate studies and we mostly filmed in the evening and night.

An overview video program was created that conveyed the benefits and breadth of graduate studies at BSU through the voices of students. The students talked about the convenience of classes being held mostly in the evening. They talked about the support they received from faculty, and the opportunities for graduate assistantships and internships. Career services was also highlighted. With the five students the Graduate School selected we were able to cover the breadth of programs: public administration, computer science, speech therapy, mental health counseling, business administration. The University has over 80 degree, licensure and certificate programs.

The students were all so impressive, as were the programs. We captured some unique facilities, such as a set of video-enabled counseling rooms where students practice counseling sessions, and get advice from their professor and classmates. The speech therapy clinic also was filmed - they treat real people there as part of the program.

The professors in the classes and labs: equally impressive. And focused on helping their students advance their careers.

Here’s the overview program:

And here is a 30 second story from each of the students:


Public Administration

Computer Science

Mental Health Counseling

Speech Therapy

Great stories. Hard-working students. And an amazing institution. Thanks for taking a look!

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